Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Personal & Professional Update

Dear Friends,

I'm making some big work/life changes this year. I’m writing to update you about them, to ask your help with some of them, and to let you know my travel schedule so that we might be able to connect when I’m in your town.

A few months ago, I left my job as Director of the Coro Fellows Program in San Francisco. I’m now on “sabbatical,” taking the next year or so to commit myself to projects that I can learn and grow from, whether or not they pay much. So far I have many ideas and few concrete plans, but some of the main possibilities include
  • publishing a booklet and card game about cross-class communication, 
  • expanding my trans* inclusion work to be more globally relevant and translatable, 
  • developing and Advanced Ally Training curriculum for people who want to ally themselves with trans* rights and trans* communities, 
  • writing a lot about health, illness and community
  • ... and so much more. 
As a person who’s always had to work one or more jobs to support myself financially (including both while I was a student and during times when I was too ill to be working), it feels like a huge risk and luxury to be voluntarily unemployed. It also feels like an invaluable opportunity that I shouldn’t pass up. Now that nothing’s stopping me from exploring my less-marketable interests, I’m not going to let myself be stopped! I’m supporting myself through this sabbatical year mostly with savings, and also by doing occasional, part-time consulting and training gigs – especially gigs that are fun, that I can learn from, and/or that help me travel to a place I want to visit.

Here’s how you can help:
1) Connect me with a gig, or potential gig, in your town. I want to be travelling this year, and to be (re)connecting with you all, and to be bringing my new and less-new work to organizations and schools that need it. If there is someone in your organization or network who might be interested in my work, please connect us, and/or pass on the information below.

What I can provide includes custom trainings for students, professionals, and community members, as well as short-term organizational consulting on trans* inclusion, classism and cross-class dialogue, facilitation skills, collaborative decision-making processes, and more. I’ve worked extensively with student groups, educators, human service providers, grantmakers, and community groups. You can learn more about my work at www.thinkagaintraining.com.

2)And while I’m there, let’s chat – about work, about life, about those projects that we’re not sure count as “work” or not, or whatever. This is my “work” this year – to think and dream and most importantly think with other smart people and see what emerges.

3) By summer 2014, I will probably need to get a "real job" again, and my first choice would be to work in a community college setting as an instructor and/or advisor. I am moving toward this by meeting with people who do diversity-related work in community college settings, to learn from them and explore how I could best use my skills in a community college workplace. If you know about community colleges, let's talk! If you know someone I should talk with about this, please connect us!

When will I be in your part of the world? Here are the trips I’ve planned so far. Beyond this my schedule is open, and I’m happy to plan a trip around a gig as well as plan gigs for my already-scheduled trips. (My home base is in Oakland, CA.)

Portland, OR: December 22-26, 2013
Mid-Hudson Valley, NY and Pioneer Valley, MA: January 24 - Feb 8, 2014
Asheville, NC: March?
Seattle, WA: April? 
Your Town: ???

I hope to see you soon!


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