Thursday, January 10, 2008

Help me name my new project

Will you bear with me for one more self-serving "I need ideas!" kind of post?

Here goes: A friend and I are collaborating on a project. We are going to market a weekend-long "Institute" to train college and university personnel (and eventually maybe other institutions) about transgender issues. We need a catchy name for the front page of the publicity packet. (This does not replace "Think Again Training," which is still the name of my own business website. Now I'm looking for a name for this particular offering. The two of us will market it together and do gigs as a team.)

Here are some ideas we've come up with so far:

RGI - Rethinking Gender & Institutions
EGI - Exploring Gender & Institutions
ETGI - Exploring Trans/gender & Institutions
TACT - Transgender Awareness & Competency Training

We need more ideas! Please post as comments if you can. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

InGAGE - Institute for Gender Awareness and Gender Exploration

ENGAGE - Educational Needs for Gender Awareness and Gender Exploration


Dane said...

REGAIL - Rethinking/Exploring Gender At the Institutional Level

WE: TITHE - We're Everywhere: Transgender Issues Training for Higher Education

RAGE - Rethinking Awareness of Gender in Education

TRACE - TRansgender Awareness and Competency for Educators

TITE - Transgender Issues Training Seminar

TITS - Transgender Issues Training Seminar

TARTS - Two Awesome Radical Trannies, Spieling