Saturday, October 06, 2007

Thursday, October 04, 2007

ENDA News: The bullet point version.

  • On Monday, HRC Board votes to "reaffirm" support for trans-inclusive ENDA. Click here for more info from HRC.
  • NTAC and other trans leaders criticize HRC's stance, because HRC is not using their connections to push congress people to support the bill HRC claims to support. Click here for more info from NTAC.

  • A bunch of LGBT organizations have signed on to a list stating not only support for an inclusive ENDA, but also opposition to a non-inclusive ENDA. HRC is conspicuously absent.

  • Donna Rose, the only out trans board member at HRC, announces her resignation in protest of HRC not living up to their promise.

  • Meanwhile, Barney Frank defends his non-inclusive ENDA by claiming it's not as bad as NTAC says it is.
I am so not excited about this whole situation. I am posting it because it is time-sensitive information. When I am able to sit down and sort out my thoughts and feelings about it, I may write a more thoughtful piece about it.