Saturday, September 15, 2007

Trannies in the News

Trans people get kicked out of bathrooms all the time, but we rarely make the news doing it! Check out this TV news story from Seattle, about 2 trans guys who got ejected from a bathroom by mall security. Click here to watch the story via streamed video; click here to read it as text.

I'll ruin the ending now, and tell you that both guys are okay and taking the incident with good humor. Watching this news story is distinctly less traumatic than most other news clips I've ever seen related to trans people.

Amazingly, there is very little gender-cluelessness evident in the reporting. (On the part of the news outlet, that is. On the part of the mall management, well, that's another story.) Unlike most news outlets, this TV station follows AP guidelines that trans people should be referred to by their pronoun of choice. And what really surprises me is that both the anchor and the reporter (or whoever wrote their lines) talk about trans people like they are used to talking about trans people - a tiny but still significant step in demonstrating allyship.

FYI, the "gay rights law" the story refers to is an anti-discrimination statue that took effect in January, 2006. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, and so is meant explicitly to protect trans people. Here's some more on that from NGLTF. For the detail-oriented among you, I'll note that the "sexual orientation" bit expressly protects straight people from discrimination, too. So calling it a "gay rights" bill is missing the bullseye on several levels.

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