Thursday, May 17, 2007

Extra! Extra! Trannies Overrun Beacon Hill

This past Tuesday, 120 trans people and allies packed the Massachusetts statehouse to show support for HB1722 - An Act Relative to Gender-Based Discrimination and Hate Crimes. (For details, see the Mass Trans Political Coalition website.)

Have you ever seen a group of 120 trans people in one room? Most people have not. I have had the privilege a couple of times - at the now-defunct True Spirit conference, for example. Inevitably, it's a colorful crowd. Many of us trans people are so queer that gay pride groups are ashamed of us, gay rights groups are afraid of us, and gay business owners don't want us in their bars. (If you think I am exagerating, email me, and I'll send you citations.) Many of our allies are so queer that they're in the same boat. If we're queer enough to make even liberal gay people nervous, what's our effect on a bunch of (mostly) straight legislators?

I know there are all kinds of rational reasons to be glad about this news. But right now, the reason that's most salient for me is that I just enjoy the idea of that many drag folks, genderqueers, transvestites, transsexuals, etc., etc., crammed into a dignified room with white walls and brown woodwork, speaking to legislators in drab grey suits. Imagine the glitter. The leather. The piercings. The five-foot dudes and six-foot ladies. What can I say? It tickles me!


Dane said...


Can you also imagine the bathrooms at such an event? I picture a legislator standing in the middle of a row of urinals that are otherwise entirely occupied by the colorful crowd.

That said, I'm somewhat tickled by your reaction - you hardly ever seem so pleased at the notion of a bunch of people in a room, no matter what kind of people they are.

And the final, lingering question:

...will the legislators listen? will they hear?

Davey says ... said...

Oddly enough, something very much like that actually happened to me this week! I was in the men's room at the HIV Prevention Leadership Summit, washing my hands, and realized that trans men outnumbered non-trans men at the sinks. And all but one of the non-trans men was .... non-standardly gendered, anyway. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Unrelated, but equally amusing, the sign on the inside of the men's room door, warning that "Consuming alcohol during pregnancy may lead to birth defects."