Saturday, April 21, 2007

Helpful Things

Some things we do that are helpful for fostering cross-class relationships.
by Fabulous Apparatus Collective, and the Fabulous Participants of our April 15 workshop.

  • Start conversations about class.
  • Start lots of them, with lots of different people.
  • Speak not only from experience, but also from critical analysis. (You don’t have to have been poor to assert that an economic system that creates poverty is not okay.)
  • Choose not to be triggered.
  • When friends use jargon or words I don’t know, ask them what they mean.
  • Try not to misplace blame from past hurts onto current situations.
  • Welcome people into my home.
  • Discuss class.
  • Listen well.
  • Ask people if they want to teach me what they know about class, and make sure to educate myself independently, too.
  • Push myself to continue conversations, even when they’re difficult.
  • Be honest about where I come from.
  • Be honest about money.
  • Let go of guilt and shame.
  • Do fun activities with friends that we can all afford. Talk openly about how much money we spend when we hang out together, and about whether that works for everyone.
  • Acknowledge my fuck-ups.
  • Thank people for holding me accountable.
  • Thank my allies.
  • Honor input from many different classed perspectives.
  • Make offers (of many kinds of ally-ship) without expecting validation.

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Raymond said...

Very interesting. I think that these would help me not only in cross-class relationships. But in other relationshipos as well...

ElliotManning said...

Davey, I think that's all terrific. I'll definitely have to take all that into consideration when starting any new relationship after today, as well.