Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Trans Ironies, Part 2

Thanks for your contributions! I appreciate all the painful-humorous stories. It is good to be able to laugh at our lives sometimes.

Maybe I should have been more clear about what I meant by ironies that only happen to trans people. For me, being trans is not in itself ironic. I'm a boy, and I have periods. That's not ironic. It's just how I am. I'm female-bodied, and I wear boxer shorts. That's not ironic, either. But the "oh-shit" of blood stains combined with the "ahh, freedom!" of boxer shorts ... somehow, that's funnier.

I guess it's a fine distinction. Maybe I'm just being picky. Maybe y'all can help me figure out what makes some trans ironies funny, and others just hard.

Here's another one:

I'm a guy, and I still have a collection of leotards and dance tights in my closet. That's not ironic. My straight-feminine friends don't have that stuff, because they were never dancers. That's not ironic, either. But when they want to play dress-ups for Halloween, and I'm the only one with the body and the gear to pull off "ballerina," that's ironic.

Usually I don't choose to be a ballerina for Halloween. I'm more likely to be a baseball player, because it feels better for my gender. I can pull it off because I have the gear for that, too - not because I'm a guy, but because I used to be a big softball dyke. Ironic, right?

Maybe there are types of trans ironies. Maybe we should start to catalogue them.

There's the "FtM does girl stuff more successfully than feminine women friends" ironies. (E.g. it's not ironic for a trans guy to sing soprano, but it is ironic for him to be the best soprano in the choir.)

There's the "FtM has a particular masculine-gendered skill, but only because he used to be a dyke" ironies. (The softball thing would fall under this category.)

Are there more?


Anonymous said...

Howsabout "FTM is most masculine man in his family because all close male relatives are closeted queer folks."

Maybe "MTF is tallest person in family. She is told by her male relatives they want her height. She is told by female relatives that her clothing fits her better than theirs fits them. FTM in family says 'damn look at that calf definition'."

Davey says ... said...

Yes! That is what I call irony! I think you win this one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! It's nice to win. Are you goin g to share any more of your own?

Anonymous said...

My trans irony: Two hours after my first testosterone injection, I run into my former choir director. They have a concert coming up, and they need more "women's" voices. He wants me to come back as an alumna-guest, to sing Alto I. Now half of me can't wait for my voice to change, and the other half is singing scales every day trying to maintain a high alto range so I can sing in the concert.

Davey says ... said...

Trying to "pass" as a woman in order to get through airport security with a female ID.

Anonymous said...

going to get my peak/trough levels checked, and the nurse asks me when my last period was and if i might be pregnant.

Davey says ... said...

I showed someone my baby picture - which is the picture in my blog profile - and they didn't believe it was me, because it was obviously a boy baby, and they know I'm female. I showed someone else a different baby picture, and they didn't believe it was me, because it was obviously a girl baby, and they know I'm a guy.