Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ironies that Only Happen to Trans People

This is not the well-thought-out post I'm working on. That's still in the oven. But this seems to do well half-baked, so here it is.

I've noticed lots of funny, ironic situations that are unique to trans life. I'm sure you can come up with lots more! Please post comments contributing your examples, and let's see how many fantastically funny ones we can come up with. The list is very FtM-centric right now. That's what tends to go on in my life. Examples from all kinds of trans and genderqueer and otherwise interestingly-gendered humans are very welcome. (If you need your examples to be anonymous, say so in your comment. I'll delete the comment and post the examples for you under my username.)

Here are some classics to kick-start the list.
  • Blood stains on boxer shorts.
  • Going into the ladies’ room to readjust your packy.
  • That straight girl you had a crush on for all of high school finally comes out, and she confesses that she had a crush on you, too! But, now that you’re a guy, she’s not into you.
  • You and your big-boned-femme best friend go to the ladies’ room together. You get by without a sideways glance, but someone takes pains to ask your friend if she’s sure she’s in the right place.
  • Teaching your daughter how to shave her legs, apply eye makeup, or use a tampon.


Dlhoratio said...

Your mother being delighted when your partner comes out as a straight boy, because you might finally look normal. (does that count? it's more of an ally thing...)

Anonymous said...

Sitting around a table with a bunch of women who are talking about breast reductions and hysterectomies. A concern is raised that you're not part of the conversation, so you add in, "I've been thinking about getting a hysterectomy, too."

Having to convince your friend that he can't come with you to the clinic to get tested. When you tell him that you're going for a pap smear, not a cotton swab test, his brain clearly explodes.

Anonymous said...

trying to explain to someone without outing anyone that yes, that little girl in the family picture is your brother.

-from maya

Elliot said...

When your own dog doesn't recognize you when you come back from a haircut because... well, he knew me as a female for 2 years before I started to socially transition. I guess I can kind of understand.

Anonymous said...

Running into someone from your family's place of religious worship while at a liquor store with your brother. Mr. Someone approaches your brother and has a long conversation with him, and your brother has to walk Mr. Someone away from the seemingly-16-year-old-with-wine to prevent recognition and family shame.

At least your brother is willing to do this and, if all else fails, knows you as a "friend from school."

And answering the phone at your parents' place has become a bad idea, as you consistantly have to pretend to be your brother while gesticulating wildly for the nearest relative to save you.

Anonymous said...

When cannot have sex with your boyfriend because he is on his period.