Monday, December 04, 2006

Christian Hegemony is Always in Season

So I'm not slacking on the blog-writing, or at least I'm not doing it thoughtlessly. It's just that I'm busting ass on lots of awesome work with amazing people, and it hasn't all made it into writing yet. It will. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here's a tidbit from a friend of mine. She's a baker in a bourgie grocery store. Actually, she's a fabulous baker, who makes a wicked dairy-free just-about-anything, in many places including the bourgie grocery store and her own kitchen. But that's not the point of the story. The story is about hamentashen in December. Remember what I said about Murphy's law of Jewish holidays? What did I tell you.
so i was having a meeting with my boss today, and we were talking about the things we don't make any sort of, like biscotti or little tartlette things, that he thinks we might have a market for if we would just start making them.

then he suggested hamentashen. my first response was "'s not purim." he said "what?" so i tried to explain to him that hamentashen were specific to a holiday which wouldn't occur until early spring and that you couldn't just make them any old time.

his response was "but other grocery stores do." so i told him that the fact that other grocery stores make them year round actually offends me, and it's not something i'm willing to do.

argh. the argument went on, with him trying to convince me it didn't matter, and me telling him i didn't care that it didn't matter to him, i still would only make them on purim.

then i went online and found a description of purim and the history and why we make hamentashen and all that, and printed it out for him, and then went home early.
Argh, indeed. Now, I dunno if it's actually wrong to serve hamentashen when it isn't Purim. But that's beside the point. Two out of two Jews in a workplace say that it's a bad plan. A thoughtful boss would take that into account. But, oppression has made him so stupid that he thinks he knows everything and doesn't need to listen to anyone else. As if there wasn't enough for small-town Jews to deal with in December, some white male gentile business owner has to be throwing his privilege around, making it worse. Hmph. Bah, humbug.


Anonymous said...

I like how you end a blog post about the oppression that Christmas and the Christians [ignorantly] subject others to with a reference to a relatively secular Christmas.

Bah. Humbug.

Anonymous said...

yea - i hate it when i see hamentashen in grocery stores/matzah year round. I don't understand - it's as if in "jewish" markets there was some sort of token christian food all year round. Think they'd stand for it? or constantly point out the error?

by doing this it's almost a mockery of old traditions...but then again, isn't it a mockery of tradition to buy your hamentashen from a grocery store?


dlhoratio said...

You know what I would love to find in a bakery right now? Sufganiyot - jelly donuts. But not the ew kind from D&D, the kind that has real jam in them.

Also, in response to Liora, I think buying hamentashen from the kosher aisle at the grocery store is one of those things about living in diaspora (diaspora = where Jews and jewish culture are not the majority).

Also, the idea of a Jewish grocery store makes me smile. Were you thinking of one in particular? (The tenafly gourmet farm comes pretty close, but they have this weird thing with carrying all Israeli food, and being staffed entirely by Philipinos...)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't really thinking of any store in particular, just the idea that maybe a store that caters to a mostly jewish population would have the decency to have the right baked goods at the right time...then marveling that there would be a jewish market that didn't constantly get complaints such as:
"My baby's matzo-balls are so much better!"
"My hammentashen should be sold here instead of that filthy kind."

etc etc. :-p

even so, if there aren't a majority of jews in the area, making the wrong goods at the wrong times of year is almost a typical american thing. jew's don't walk around being: "hmm. it's summer. maybe i'll put santa on my lawn"

btw - did any one hear about the woman who was called to court because her peace sign xmas wreath was considered satanistic and against the presidant and the troops?


dlhoratio said...

Overheard in New York:

Kid #1: Yo, it would be awesome to go trick-or-treat here tonight.

Kid #2: Idiot, Jews have Halloween in April or something.

--Kosher candy store