Friday, August 25, 2006

Michigan Women's Music Festival

I didn't write this, but I couldn't have said it better myself. I received it as a forward on a listserve and have not been able to identify the original author. When/if I do, I'll cite them.

NewsFlash: Michigan Women's Music Festival: Still Transphobic After All These Years

This just in. Lisa Vogel, owner of the Michigan Women's Music Festival reaffirms her right to determine who is a woman and who is not, as well as to define what transphobia is and what it is not, and to explain that to any trans women who might be confused as to whether or not they are being discriminated against when they are told they are not welcome at the Michigan Women's Music Festival.

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Obstructing Reality said...

Hey - just so you know, the link isn't working. Not sure what's wrong with it.

This whole thing just pisses me off. Especially after all that excitement.

Davey said...

Fixed it. Thanks.
This morning I read an awesome piece by "the other Sailor" - not the one who lives here - expressing some really calm, thoughtful hope and vision for MWMF and Camp Trans. I find I'm not too good at writing hopeful pieces about MWMF, or trans stuff generally, so I will re-publish Sailor's as soon as I get a link and permission.